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AWARDS-BA³ Distribution, SCM, & ERP Solution

AWARDS-BA³ - Advanced Wholesale And Realtime Distribution System - is a leading Distribution, Supply Chain Management (SCM) and ERP Software Application.


It is specifically designed for complex, wholesale, distribution operations, requiring agility to adapt to evolving business processes.


AWARDS-BA³ Modular Design

AWARDS-BA³ Modular Design gives you complete flexibility and control. You can choose which modules suit your current business needs. Most importantly, once these needs change, you can very easily choose to add new modules.


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AWARDS-BA³ was designed according to the “best of breed” philosophy and built on the Microsoft®.NET technology platform to deliver a most advanced, future-proof business software application.


High Volume Throughput

AWARDS-BA³ provides companies with the most agile and flexible solution to their Distribution, SCM and ERP software requirements, specializing in high volume automated environments capable of processing up to 1 million sales order lines per 8 hour day.


Latest GDP (Good Distribution Practice) Requirements

AWARDS-BA³ also provides the latest GDP (Good Distribution Practice) requirements, complying with recent EU legislation on Traceability and Delivery Recording Requirements, particularly those in the Healthcare Sector, covering Animal and Human Medicines, Equipment and OTC products to individual item level.


AWARDS-BA³ Offers You the Ability to Empower Your Organization Through:


1) Business Agility:

Model your ERP system to meet the current business challenges and strategic objectives.


2) Business Automation:

Automate the 80% of the business that is running in line with strategic objectives.


3) Business Alerts:

Alert, isolate and act upon the 20% of the business that requires attention.


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