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Sangers (N.I) implements Broadband Ordering using Brentech Data Systems AWARDS-BA³ E-Commerce Business Suite.

(24 Sep 2013)

Sangers (N.I) uses Broadband Ordering from AWARDS-BA³ to increase throughput by 1000%.

It’s not just new customers such as Islestone Pharmaceuticals, The Norchem Group and SIG Middle East LLC that are implementing the AWARDS-BA³ Solution from Brentech Data Systems. Sangers (N.I), a Brentech customer using the AWARDS system for over 20 years, are also benefiting from AWARDS-BA³ and its new features and capabilities.

1000% Increase in Throughput

Sangers (N.I) has recently begun to transition their customers to live, super-speed Broadband Ordering by implementing part of the AWARDS-BA³ E-Commerce Business Suite from Brentech Data Systems. The new system has provided Sangers with a number of benefits and improvements in efficiency and performance, particularly in order throughput which has seen an increase of 1000%.

According to Allan Ward, Sangers IT Manager:

“The old system was averaging a throughput of 1 order line per second…The new one, AWARDS-BA³, is achieving in excess of 10 times that. A sample customer order of 172 lines was processed by AWARDS-BA³ in 15 seconds."

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Allan explains that from when their customer pushes the “Transmit” button, it takes 15 seconds for the Sangers system to process the entire 172 lines and respond with the order information in real time.

“The customer receives back details of the number of lines to be supplied, their value and most importantly, full information on items which cannot be supplied with the next delivery.”

The new application eliminates a range of issues, from the increasingly troublesome modems, dedicated phone lines, dropped calls and the dependency on unsupported legacy hardware.

AWARDS-BA³ - Advanced Wholesale And Realtime Distribution System

This functionality also opens up the possibility of adding a range of additional web and internet services, available as part of the AWARDS-BA³ Entrepreneur Suite, which offers modules for Self-Service Online Order Management, Invoices, Statements, Special Offers, Returns and Customer Care.

For more information about the AWARDS-BA³ system take a look at our website or email us on

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