About Brentech Data Systems

Our Mission:

"Brentech Data Systems is a company you can trust and rely on to deliver what we say we will deliver. We recognize the financial investment that you make in creating long term business solutions. We provide an unrivalled solution that will grow with your business, minimizing future expenditure, and maximizing your agility and flexibility allowing you to easily adapt to changes in the business environment.”


Who Are We?

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified leading provider of Distribution Software, Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software solutions and support. We have over twenty years experience in implementing software that delivers up to 1 million sales order lines per 8 hour day.


What Our Clients Say

“The overall target was to improve profitability by £12m per annum. This meant investing in a new state of the art NDC in Stoke On Trent, new working practices and, of course, a new Warehouse Management System.

We had used AWARDS at our previous Warehouse and knew what Brentech Data Systems could deliver so we implemented it in our new Warehouse.

Obviously AWARDS didn’t generate the business benefits of £12m a year on its own but it was the vehicle that the business uses in achieving those benefits.”

Grant Sharman, Head of IS Operations - Well, formerly The Co-operative Pharmacy


Our Distribution & ERP Software Solution AWARDS-BA³

Our solution, AWARDS-BA³ - Advanced Wholesale And Realtime Distribution System, allows you, the wholesalers & distributors, to efficiently manage your inventory and your distribution and to have complete flexibility and control over your business processes.


Our History

We were established in 1990 by our CEO John Brennan, who has extensive experience working with numerous business critical solutions. John has seen it all, from Air Traffic Control, to the European Space Agency, to the development of AWARDS™, the first version of our leading Distribution, Supply Chain and ERP Software Solutions, which was designed specifically for Pharmaceutical Wholesale Distribution.

From the beginning we have been committed to providing you with a solution that is based on the "best-of-breed" philosophy. AWARDS-BA³ - Advanced Wholesale And Realtime Distribution System built on the Microsoft®.NET Framework, was designed to be "the engine" of an open system which could be easily integrated with the best available third party products.


What We Do For You

We at Brentech Data Systems help you to plan and implement our leading ERP and Distribution software solution quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing you get minimum disruption and maximum ROI. Historically, any customer implementation has seen a system payback within 6 months and an overall project payback within 24 months.


AWARDS-BA³ Helps You:

  • To be Extremely Scalable and Agile in Today’s Dynamic Markets
  • To have Total Control over your Business Processes
  • To have Full, Realtime Visibility into Business Activities
  • To have Full Product Traceability, leading to:
    • Increased Legislative Compliance in line with latest GDP Requirements
    • Improved Productivity
    • Exceptional Operational Efficiency


Meet the Brentech Data Systems Team



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